Is Remote IT Right For My Business?

Managed Remote IT Services

It’s not really breaking news to point out that the coronavirus has impacted every facet of the way we all live.

Suddenly, unless it’s regarding some form of essential purpose or service, our only connection with the world is through our computers.

Think about the significance of the above notion—society was already involved in a digital revolution. Now, with Covid-19, computers are one of the only ways to prevent outright isolation.

A functioning digital and IT framework are what’s going to help many people through what’s going to prove to be an incredibly challenging time in history.

No more is this evident than with non-essential businesses, which in many states and regions are being forced shut. Even then, it’s been considered best practice to shut offices down and send people home to work.

Meaning, remote IT services are more valuable than ever for businesses looking to keep operations running smoothly during these trying circumstances.

Let’s investigate this notion a bit further:

The IT-Related Challenges of Working Remotely

It’s safe to say that nobody was predicting the magnitude of this global pandemic.

One day, everybody was working in their offices focused strictly on briefs, directives, quotas, and the various tasks that make their day. The next day, they’re being told they can’t come into the office indefinitely.

What does that mean?

That there wasn’t a plan or framework in place for this scenario, as it is entirely unprecedented.

Suddenly, work environments that blended IT systems with more personal, direct interactions are now faced with keeping everyone and everything connected from remote locations. It’s a vast overhaul not only to workplace IT, but the fundamental processes and procedures that go into running these businesses.

As such, to ensure the smoothest possible transition into this shift in how everyone is work, businesses require reliable and robust IT systems.

A Matter of Budget

The need for dependable IT is at an all-time high because of the groundswell of remote work sweeping the globe.

Therefore, the need for efficient, painless IT services has also never been more significant.

And yes, businesses might have dedicated IT teams that will prove useful during this time—even while working remotely.

However, there are businesses out feeling the brunt of what the pandemic has done to the economy. In which case, cuts have been made, and those could extend to the IT department, unfortunately. But there’s still the pesky problem of managing IT systems throughout those organizations.

Beyond that, other companies who were weighing the pros and cons of outsourced managed IT services versus in-house likely can’t afford to bring on new hires now.

Regardless of the scenario, managed IT services are an affordable and effective solution at a time when it’s most crucial for businesses.

Why Managed Remote IT Services Wins the Day

One advantage that remote IT professionals have always had over in-house staff is that they can solve problems without going into a work location.

If a business had the necessary systems in place, any IT related fixes were a matter of a phone call or email.

This advantage is more vital than ever in a time where it’s a social duty to remain separate from one another. With managed remote IT services, it’s possible for workplaces to now ensure that the maintenance of their own digital systems won’t put any workers at risk.

Managed remote IT services are the most budget-conscious, efficient, and safest way to keep matters running smoothly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s entailed when a business procures the services of a managed remote IT professional:

Benefits of Remote Managed IT

Yes, managed remote IT might be more necessary than ever during the coronavirus outbreak. Still, these services also offer plenty of advantages when the world is in 100% health.

To providing the most streamlined, pain-free services, remote IT professionals utilize only premiere, state-of-the-art IT tools. The professionals in this field leverage tech that allows them to remotely monitor and manage an organization’s digital systems 24 hours and seven days a week.

Because these remote IT professionals are always connected with their clients’ IT systems, it means they’ll be on top of potential performance issues. Furthermore, not only will they be responsive to any immediate digital discrepancies, but they have the know-how and available tools to prevent the problems from ever occurring.

What does this mean exactly?

In short, investing in managed remote IT services results in:

  • Maximum network uptime
  • Peak performance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Less focus on IT issues and more time for core business functions

Think about this tidbit – overall downtime can cost companies around $5,600 per minute and up to $300,000 per hour in web application downtime. During a time where the economy is affected so drastically by this pandemic, avoiding these expenses is an absolute must.

Something else to consider is that in a time where remote work is most prevalent, these offsite IT professionals are most equipped to help businesses. They’ve already been performing this manner of service as a core business operation. Therefore, remote tech helpers have the most optimized offsite solutions.

What are Some Stand-Out Features of Managed Remote IT?

Below, is a list of features that will directly benefit any business that outsources their IT service-needs to managed remote IT professionals:

  • Comprehensive network management and maintenance services that fit the framework of a given company. Managed remote IT firms stay out of the way and are virtually undetectable, allowing employees to work without distraction.
  • To further elaborate on the above feature, any infrastructural IT maintenance or updates are performed during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions.
  • Direct transparency into an organization’s network health, security, and assets. This feature makes budgeting for IT-related expenses, projects, and infrastructure more reflective of a company’s needs.
  • Generally, managed remote IT services are offered for a flat fee, meaning no surprise expenses – this drastically reduces the overall investment cost of IT. 
  • Permanently provides IT-related monitoring and maintenance, so businesses can rest easy and focus on more vital tasks. 
  • Will handle maintenance tasks such as Windows updates, disk defragmentation, and disk cleanups. This service ensures that systems will always be optimally updated, managed, and maintained. 

During the peak of a global pandemic, this kind of reliability and stability is an absolute must. Plus, the flat fee usually doesn’t come with a long-term contract. If one IT firm isn’t an impeccable fit, moving in a different direction won’t prove to be much of a headache.

How to Find the Right Managed Remote IT Service

Investing in tech is always a tricky proposition, and the quicker the right decision is made, the more valuable it’ll be for a business.

Here are some things to look for in a managed remote IT company:

  • They’ll perform exhaustive research on the nature of a lead’s business.
  • They won’t have one blanket solution and will adjust their services based on the needs of a given organization.
  • They’ll be honest, transparent, and responsive to any lead or client queries.
  • They’ll be passionate and enthusiastic at the prospect of working with any given lead.

Now more than ever, it’s vital to be careful with budgeting and tech spend. If a managed remote IT company doesn’t possess any of these traits, it’s something of a red flag.

It’s Time to Invest in Managed Remote IT

In trying times, reliability is of the essence. And managed remote IT is the most affordable, dependable way to keep workplace networks functioning at their peak while everyone is stuck at home. Find out how APX Ventures Managed IT services can your business thrive in these tough times.

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