Everything You Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Are you doing digital marketing, but still find your business struggling?

APX Ventures can help you increase your conversions through something called conversion rate optimization or CRO.

So what exactly is CRO, and how can it take a business’s marketing efforts to a higher level? Let’s take a look.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?​

A conversion rate refers to the number of visitors who complete a specific task on a business website. For example, if a consumer completes a web form on your website’s landing page or signs up for email newsletters, they are contributing to their conversion rate.

One can calculate conversion rates by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors to your website in a certain timeframe, and then multiply that number by 100.

Conversion rate optimization is the practice of improving your website and subsequent content to increase your conversion rate and encourage visitors to convert. The higher the conversion rate, the better your website is in terms of being well-designed and informative for your target audience. Once a website is optimized, it becomes easier to boost high-quality leads, boost revenue, and grow as a business.

It’s important to understand where your conversions are happening in order to properly optimize your website. Conversions can happen in many different places, such as your homepage, on a certain landing page, through your blog, etc.

How to Improve CRO

There are a ton of practices out there for improving CRO. To start, you’ll need to conduct a full audit of your website. This is done to find pain points and areas that are not contributing to a good conversion rate. Some things that professional web designers will look for during a CRO audit include:

  • Overall responsiveness and how well the website works on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • The number of CTAs and their placement throughout the site.
  • Formatting issues, color schemes, and other design aspects.
  • The speediness in which images, videos, and pages load.
  • The presence of lead flows and whether or not they are distracting or helpful.
  • A/B testing for different web pages on your site, particularly landing pages.
  • How automation is used on your website.
  • The quality of copy and content on your landing pages and blog pages.
  • The presence of retargeting tools like pixel integration.

Once your audit is complete, it’s time to start optimizing your page. It’s always best to put this task in the hands of professionals. San Diego marketing can be difficult and optimizing your website can be difficult without the right skillset. At APX Venture, we make small business digital marketing easier and more conversion-friendly. Using data-driven practices to improve CRO, we can help your business kick up its managed IT, PPC ads, organic search results, and overall website development. And we’re start-up friendly to boot.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and practices!

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